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What is Professional Liability insurance? Professional Liability is also known as Errors and Omissions, Malpractice or Professional Indemnity. It protects professional practitioners against the cost implications of negligence, errors and omissions and malpractice claims by their patients/clients. Such a claim may be the result of a patient's/client's claim you did not do something you should have, or did do something you should not have, in the course of your professional practice. It may be a breach of contract claim concerning the services you were contracted to provide.

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The insurance regulation and conditions of coverage vary by country but all programs are underwritten by world class A rated carriers. In all cases you will deal directly with insurance professionals. Membership mechanism In USA and Canada this insurance is achieved by virtue of a Master Policy issued to Westminster Group, Inc. (a social network of like-minded professional practitioners) and formal agreement that all members of International Coach Federation automatically qualify for this program.